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Mandalay is the last Kingdom of Myanmar which is still rich in culture. It still has a lot of craftsmen. Most Myanmar handicrafts come from Mandalay. One of the biggest and locally famous producers of Myanmar handmade wood carvings are from Mandalay. read more >


The heart of bronze casting is in Mandalay. Most items are normally Buddha images, religious bells, gongs and statues. These wonderful pieces have both a beauty and permanence about them. read more >


Asia has different styles of lacquer ware such as Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese, all very different. Myanmar lacquer ware also has it unique style. This craft was founded approximately in the 10th century in Myanmar. It takes at least 7 months or longer to produce these fine long lasting items. Myanmar lacquer ware has different appearances. read more >


Stylish, strong, colourful Myanmar traditional umbrellas are still used widely today. The most famous traditional Myanmar umbrellas come from Pathein, the delta region of Myanmar. Nowadays, we produce not only parasol umbrellas but also garden umbrellas which can be used in the garden, the beach and also as indoor umbrellas. read more >


Myanmar puppets have different characteristic and back ground stories. There are two different kinds of puppets in Myanmar, decoration puppets and real dancing puppets. We offer these beautiful puppets as an enhancement to any room in your home or your office. read more >


To decorate especially for the walls or pillars in Myanmar palaces, especially bedrooms and sitting rooms. Hundred and thousand of hand stitches using bonze, silver sequence. One tapestry takes at least 3 month to make.  read more >


Myanmar has a very long coastline. We grow both natural pearls and farmed fresh water pearls producing the most stunning pearl necklaces at very affordable wholesale prices. read more >


We produce bracelets in local designs using local materials such as green jade, sea shells and mother of pearl. A must buy! read more >


Mogok is situated north east of Mandalay, central Myanmar, 6 hours drive on windy roads crossing mountains, creeks and tribal villages. The first thing you see when entering Mogok is the unique ridges, mountains and Mogok's gem mines.

The roads are still good despite being build by the British over 100 years ago. In the centre of Mogok there is a famous lake which originally was a series of British mines. read more >

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